Project activities timeline

Finalized project activities

  • Frameworks and policies

    1. Analyzing current situation of doctoral education in EU
    2. Analyzing current situation and needs of doctoral education in Armenia, Russia and Belarus

    01 October 2020

Project activities in progress

  • Training of PC staff

    1. Draft structure and content of re-training courses for teaching/research/administrative staff, scientific supervisors, training managers, library/IT staff, policy/decision makers
    2. Training materials and normative documentations in paper/e-form for university's academic, administrative staff, policy/decision makers
    3. Report on evaluation and adjustment of training courses
    4. Draft educational content (curriculum and courses), structure and management of DTCs

    15 June 2021
  • Development of course modules for staff (continuous professional development)

    1. Set up of regulatory documents and instructions for operating of DTCs, number student's enrolled
    2. Set up of documentations (programs, syllabus, teacher's instructions, quality guideline, etc), equipment for DTCs operation
    3. Set up of programs, educational-methodical materials for international interdisciplinary Summer schools for doctoral students of AR, RU, BY on Science and transferable skills

    15 November 2021
  • Networking of doctoral students and supervisors

    1. Web-platform of Virtual Network developed
    2. Structure and educational content of Virtual Network created

    15 February 2022
  • Dissemination, networking with other projects

    During all project
  • Networking of staff around scientific topics – towards scientific cooperation

    During all project

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