Meeting at University of Helsinki

17 - 18 June 2019
Helsinki, Finland

In the meeting in Helsinki the main focus was on workshops for soft skills theory and training. At the same time partners had a site visit to UH and learnt information about Doctoral Education in Finland and at the Helsinki University.

Meeting details

Presentation videos

  • Up Next Structure of Doctoral Studies at the University of Helsinki
  • Up Next Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences
  • Up Next Research, Teaching & Learning Services in PhD Context
  • Up Next Graduate SPIRIT - Finding Best Practices in Doctoral Education
  • Up Next PhD Studies in the PsyCo Doctoral Programme at the University of Helsinki
  • Up Next HYMY - Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Up Next Effective supervision of PhD students within constrained UK environment
  • Up Next Intensive Field Courses at Hyytiälä Research Station
  • Up Next Doctoral Schools and Programmes at the University of Helsinki
  • Up Next National Education System in Belarus
  • Up Next Climate Change and Sustainability in University Context

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